2012 AMGEN Tour of California Picture Gallery

Stage 7 on Glendora Mountain Road & Ridge Road

Annette and I spent most of the day on Saturday May 19th up on the mountian
photographing Stage 7 of the AMGEN Tour of California. The stage route was
similar to that of 2011, except that it started in Ontario and like last year, it ended
at the Mount Baldy ski lifts. The route took the riders up the Baldy Road to Baldy
Village and along the Glendora Ridge Road (GRR) to Glendora Mountain Road (GMR).
They followed GMR down into the East Fork of San Gabriel Canyon and continued
west to Highway 39 and then down the San Gabriel Canyon into Azusa. A left turn
put them eastbound on Sierra Madre Ave which took them over to the base of GMR
where they turned north to head back into the mountains. The ride up GMR brought
them back to GRR and then back to Baldy Village. They continued on through Baldy
Village on their way up to the ski lifts - the steepest part of the stage.

Our day on the mountain began at 8:00 AM when we left home, Annette on her bike
accompanied by one of our riding friends, Matt and I driving the SAG vehicle with
supplies of food, beverages, and various emergency supplies. I parked the car near
a road manintenace shed which is about 8.5 miles up GMR and awaited the arrival of
Annette and Matt. I had my bike on the car so that we could ride to the spots where
we wanted to shoot our pictures from.

We shot the race at two points, the first one was about two miles east of the GMR/GRR
fork where we caught the riders heading west outboud from Baldy. Then, after all of the
riders and the fleet of supprort vehicles had gone by, we rode back over to the shed on
GMR which is about 1 mile west of the GMR/GRR fork and caught the riders as they
climbed up the final road segment which leads to the shed.

The pictures are roughly ordered by the time of day that they were taken.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Riders coming up GMR to watch the race

Suzy getting some ride time on GRR before the ToC riders arrive

Chris Horner and the lead group on GRR


David Zabriskie in the Peloton on GRR

Robert Gesink in the Peloton on GRR

Peter Sagan in the Peloton on GRR

Waiting for the ToC riders at the shed

Annette on the job at the shed

Chris Horner and Jhon Atapuma in the lead nearing the shed

Peloton coming up to the shed on GMR

David Zabriskie in the Poloton coming up to the shed

Robert Gesink in the Peloton coming up to the shed

Peter Sagan nearing the shed on GMR

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