My Air Force Travels

I joined the Air Force in August 1962 and served until July 1966. After completing basic training at Lackland AFB (San Antonio, Texas) and technical training at Keesler AFB (Biloxi, Mississippi), I was sent overseas to Hof Germany in March of 1963. After not quite two years in Hof, I was transferred to Wakkanai, Japan, with a stop at Goodfellow AFB (San Angelo, Texas) for NCO academy enroute. My assignment while in the Air Force was as an Electronic Intercept Operations/Analysis specialist (294x0).

I enjoyed my time in the Air Force, especially once I was deployed overseas. My duties were very challenging and fascinating and Hof and Wakkanai were great places to be stationed. Click on the links below to see some pictures of them.

    Hof Pictures     More Hof Pictures

    Wakkanai Pictures     More Wakkanai Pictures

The Air Force introduced me to world travel and created in me the desire to see more of the world. The pictures on this site from some of my travels show that I have had a number of opportunities for world travel and I hope for many more in the future.

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