2011 San Dimas Stage Race Picture Gallery

Glendora Mountain Road Time Trial

The SDSR Time Trial consisted of a 3.8 mile course up the steepest and
twistiest part of Glendora Mountain Road (GMR). The course is short
but quite challenging. Many riders underestimate its difficulty.
This stage was sponsored by Chaffey Auto Body.

The pictures included below are a random sampling of the almost 1800
pictures taken by Annette. In truth, the sampling isn't entirely random,
things like the picture being in focus, the lighting being good, the rider's
face being visible (smiles were a big plus) and, last but not least, that we
were able to figure out who the rider is, all played a part in the selection.
That being said, the vast majority of Annette's pictures were indeed in focus
and were well exposed, so many arbitrary judgements were made in selecting
the pictures that are displayed below.

Hopefully I got the identifications right, if not send me an email using
the email link at the bottom of the page with the correct information.

The pictures are ordered by the time of day that they were taken
with the exception of the first 2 images.

A wet start for Kyle Johnston

Time Trial Registration

Luke Sykora

Nathan Macais

Neal Kemp

Michael James

Albert Ramirez

Justin West

Ron Hirshman

William Aligue

Christopher Murphy

Eric Bruins

Jeoffrey Ngo

Dennis Cabrera

Art Baquet

Michael Killoran

Erick Sobey

Rudy Ordaz

Dana Skriver

Ryan Wei

Van Geslani

Ryan Johnston

Andrew Christie

Don Witzel

Alex Suchey

A Tourist

Jeff Block & John LaGrandeur

Erik Johnson

Terence Potter

Benjamin Dilley

James Chao

Philip ODonnell

Dylan Schuyler

Matthew Valencia

Josef Nygaard

Kevin McQuaid

Joel Acosta

Sam Warford & Jacques Nash Keanu

Gabriel Cano & Carlos Anderson

Bill Pinckard

Michael Birditt

Kenny Fuller

Alan Flores

John Geyer

Richard Meeker

Mark Palmer & Jon Flagg

Kurt Bickel

James Wimberly & Dirk Himley

David Jaeger

Robert Fagnant

Scott Thomas

Stephen Park

Scott Shaw

Gary Rennie

Joaquin Blanco & Janne Hamalainen

Steve Smith

Chris Walker

Keith Hoefer

John Holderness

Ken Gallardo

Jaime Paolinetti

Peter Coulson

Chris DeMarchi

Eddy Gragus

Sean Pitts

Stefan Gomez

Skylar Nelson & Michael Roecklein

Emmanuel Garcia Escudero

Alex Wentz

Jeremy Lapacik
Image removed by request
John Platero

Christian cognigni

Tosh Clements

Brian Funk

Nick Newcomb

Nicole Evans

Amanda Miller

Theresa Cliff Ryan

Catherine Cheatley

Alexandra Graebe

Julia LaFranchise

Cara Gillis

Karen Meske

Keely Brooks

Cloe Hosking

Kristin Armstrong

Amber Neben

Jordan Itaya

Joe Dickerson

Lee Muse

Adam Masters

Justin Rossi

Chris Chase

Randall Boussard

Andrew Bosco

Christain Helmig

Anibal Borrajo

Russell Brown

Heath Blackgrove

Kennett Peterson

Michael Northey & Gustavo Mendez

Brandon Gritters

Kai Applequist & Alex Jarman

Chad Hartley

Raul Gallegos & Christopher Baldwin

Kyle Gritters

Mark Shimahara & Stephen Cullman

Kenneth Hanson

Danny Heeley & Roman Van Uden

Pat Caro

Alejandro Borrajo & Mike Tettleton

Shane Kline

Morgan Ryan

Mike Mathis

Phil Elsasser

Chad Haga

Michael Larsen

Spencer Smitheman


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