2011 San Dimas Stage Race SC Velo Picture Gallery

Old Town San Dimas Criterium

The last day of the race was a Criterium around the streets of Old Town San Dimas.
The racers rode quick loops around a tight, 1.2 mile circuit with 6 sharp corners.
The race times varied from 25 to 90 minutes depending category. This stage was
sponsored by Incycle bike stores and Cannondale bikes.

The pictures included below are of SC Velo riders on the Juniors, Cat 4-5, Cat 3,
Cat 2, Masters, and Elite Teams that are drawn from the 2000 or so pictures taken
mostly by Annette with some by Bill. We know that there are a several SC Velo riders
that are not shown here - finding shots which show clear images of individuals amoung
compact groups of riders is a bit like a game of "Where's Waldo".   Hopefully I got the
identifications right for the ones I did find.   If not, send me a message using the email
link at the bottom of the page with the right name.

The pictures are ordered by the time of day that they were taken.

Several SC Velo riders turning on to Iglesia

Anthony turning on to 1st Street

Nicolas turning on to 1st Street

Dominic turning on to 1st Street

Craig coming on to 1st Street

Michael coming on to 1st Street

Several Cat 5s turning on to 1st Street

Jaycen takes 3rd

Doug taking the corner on to Bonita

Jason taking the corner on to Bonita

John & Bob on Walnut

Bob & John turning on to Bonita

Dana turning on to Bonita

John on Bonita

Matt & Doug on Bonita

Jason taking the corner at Iglesia

Amando in the Masters 35 pack

Derric in the Cat 3 peloton

Ernest in the Cat 3 Peloton

Derric on Boinita

Ernest on Bonita

Max in the Cat 2 pack

Andrew in the Cat 2 pack

Ryan the middle of the Cat 2 pack

Ryan going up Iglesia

Andrew going up Iglesia

Ruth on Iglesia

Beatrice on Iglesia

Pam in the pack

Kayle in the pack

Rudy in the pack

Phil in a turn

Josh on Bonita

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